This is a blog sharing recipes of the food I enjoy most in my San Francisco kitchen. What does that mean? Usually local, organic, often vegetarian, and often inspired by the Mediterranean (broadly defined), particularly Italy and the Arab-Mediterranean.

I am a self-taught cook. My experience stems partly from my mixed Italian heritage and partly from a beyond-help obsession with good food. I recently received my PhD in Comparative Literature, which for you mostly means that I speak lots of languages pretty well, but also that I will feature recipes from cookbooks not published in English.

So please have a look around, let me know what you like, and feel free to contact me at cuocaciccia@gmail.com.


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  1. Michael LaFemina says:


    • Deb savage says:

      Hi Ann Marie–Debbie Savage here. I was just in Berkeley visiting my marvelous Lila and family and Sarah showed me your blog. How great that you are doing this. I cannot wait to get home and try some of the recipes. I really wanted to come over and have you make me/as well as show me how to make your macaroons. I recently bought a cookbook with these as well as the ingredients but have been waiting for the Iowa humidity to settle down a bit. Fall should be perfect to make them. Anyway just wanted to say I am impressed with what you are doing and will become a follower most undoubtedly! Hi to Mike and the little ones-so good to see you at Lila’s dol. Take care, God bless and keep those recipes and insights coming. Deb S.

      • cuocaciccia says:

        Deb, sorry for the late reply, but I am so glad you visited my site. I have been so busy the past few weeks that posting and responding to comments has been a little delayed. I would love to hear when you are gearing up to make the macarons. I know you are a superb baker so I am sure you will figure them out quickly. They are tricky, but all my pointers work with most flavors. (Only really varying factor is the moisture you add to the shell or the buttercream). Hope we see you again soon.

  2. madhuri kirkham says:

    I love this blog. Your recipes are interesting and look amazing. The pictures are VERY helpful since I like to know along the way that what I have in front of me looks “right.” I also appreciate the way you write – as I feel like I am in the kitchen with you. I look forward to checking this blog every now and then to get great ideas for meals for my family. Thank you for sharing your time and talents.

  3. Hillary Reeser says:

    You are FANTASTIC! Mangia!

  4. Myrna Melgar says:

    Love, love, love your blog Ann Marie; despite having tons of work that I should be doing, I’m gonna culture my own butter instead – I am super inspired! Your neighbor (and new devotee), Myrna

    • cuocaciccia says:

      You are too kind Myrna. I am such a sucker for butter. So much so that I am on the verge of making myself take a no-butter-for-a-week pledge. Not sure if I would last much longer than that though. A la proxima…

  5. Evie from Iowa says:

    I hope you are going to continue this blog. I really like what I have read so far. Your recipes are interesting and different from other food blogs I follow.

  6. Love the recipes I have seen so far! I have my own food blog I just started. I am having a little trouble with organizing it, and figuring out how to configure it, I would love some advice! My blog is foodwithshella.blogspot.com

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